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San Francisco, like London is cosmopolitan: you can get a wide variety of foods, and there is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and flavours.

On our first foray into the city we found E&O Trading Company, which describes itself as somewhere that ‘transports you to Southeast Asia for an exotic “cook’s tour” of the ancient spice routes. Weaving the flavors and textures of Asia into our lively and spirited dining rooms, both of our award winning E&O Trading Company restaurants retains the culture of the East while celebrating the individuality of their locations through distinctive menus and ambiance.’

E&O Trading Company, San Francisco

This isn’t meant to be a restaurant review post – it’s merely meant to highlight a few interesting things that we found:

Asian grilling – not content with a simple barbecue, there seems to be a desire to add zing and exotic  flavours, borrowing from the East, and using five flavour notes — sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy.  E&O offer a wood roasted char siu black cod with sauteed pea tendrils, while Saison offer Bonito poached Tokyo Turnips roasted in embers.

East meets West – mixing Western flavours with oriental influence.  E&O offered beef short rib sliders braised in Shaoshing wine, Miso Caesar salad and Foie gras miso sauce to name but a few.

Salty Sweet – becoming increasingly popular (such as salt caramel), the Asian method not just contrasts the flavour, but also the texture. E.g. Coconut panna cotta with Black sesame creme and black sesame crunch, from the E&O menu.

Tea as an ingredient – already mentioned as a trend for 2011, at E&O Oolong tea is not only infused into soy sauce for dipping, but is also used to glaze duck.


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