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Postcard from Brussels

When you think of Belgium, and in particular Brussels, you may think of moules frites, beer, or perhaps this little chap.

However, for me, Brussels means one thing: CHOCOLATE.

My exploration of the city yesterday yielded the usual suspects: Godiva, Neuhaus, Leonidas, Galler, Pierre Marcolini, but I was looking for chocolatiers who were a little different – and I wasn’t disappointed.

La Maison des Maitres Chocolatiers 

Located in the Grande Place, this is probably the newest idea to come to Brussels: uniting 10 different Belgian chocolatiers under one roof in a unique boutique.  Each chocolatier not only has an area that retails their own products, but the shop also offers trendy looking taster boxes which mixes the collections of all the chocolatiers to give visitors a true taste of Belgium.

The chocolatiers featured include:

  • Centho Chocolates
  • Chocolaterie Dooms
  • Chocolaterie De Graeve
  • Les Chocolats d’Edouard
  • Laurent Gerbaud
  • Chocolaterie Marioca
  • Jean-Philippe Darcis
  • Corne
  • Ducobu
  • Chocolaterier Goosens

The main idea behind the concept is to showcase the very best of Belgium to both domestic and international visitors (since some of the brands don’t have their shops or headquarters in Brussels itself).  Put together with help from the National Lottery as well as the local tourist board, La Maison des Maitres Chocolatiers (or MMCB for short) also believes in education, offering a number of discovery courses, with plans to set up a fully functional chocolate academy that will teach all aspects surrounding the art of the chocolatier.

Pierre Ledent

Although not a new chocolatier (he won the gold medal in Tokyo in 1994 at the prestigious «International Contest for Young Confectioners, Ice cream and Chocolate Makers) Pierre Ledent’s boutique only opened in November last year.

Combining a contemporary bar and boutique, Piette Ledent offers an innovative range of macarons (such as his Speculoos macaron flavoured with cinnamon cream) and selection of pralines presented in beautiful jewellery style boxes.











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